About Beth Clay

Beth Clay is founder and principal of Hawk International, LLC a government relations and international development firm.  Any opinions expressed on this site are expressly Beth’s and do not necessarily represent any of her current or former clients.

Beth spent a dozen years in federal service, including as Senior Professional Staff Member responsible for health care oversight on the House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform and Oversight with then Chairman Dan Burton of Indiana and subsequently in the Subcommittee on Human Rights and Wellness.  She was the staff lead on a number of high profile investigations covering topics related to complementary and alternative medicine, civilian and military vaccine safety, autism, cancer, dietary supplement regulation, health freedom, and conflicts of interest.

After finishing work on the Mercury in Medicine Congressional Staff Report, Ms. Clay resigned her government position and entered the private sector where she has established herself as a strong proponent for health freedom and become a consultant to corporate and non-profit organizations providing expert advice on matters dealing with government interaction, international development and technical writing.  Her international interests focus in particular on the Middle East and North Africa.

Congressional investigations she led have been the subject of books and documentaries including the New York Times Bestseller, Evidence of Harm by David Kirby and the documentary highlighting the Thomas Navarro Family’s quest for medical freedom, Cut Poison Burn.

She remains active philanthropically in areas related to integrative health, veterans, children’s and senior’s health issues.

Beth was a founding Board member of the National Autism Association.

Because of her concern for the over-medicating of children and veterans with psychotropic and psychiatric drugs and increasing use of electroconvulsive “shock” therapy in vulnerable populations such as veterans and the elderly, she became an International Human Rights Commissioner with the Citizens Commission for Human Rights.

In 2016, Beth accepted an invitation to join the Council of the Million Mamas Movement because she believes that Moms are the heart of the home and the world, and that working together from the heart we can be a positive force to address any and every challenge we face.

In 2017, Beth has accepted an invitation to join the Advocacy Advisory Council of the World Mercury Project.

Beth lives in the Washington, DC metro area. She has been interviewed often for television, radio and print media.